It’s Senior Portrait Time for the Class of 2019!

How to Prepare for A Senior Session with Kim Fetrow Photography

It’s senior season for the class of 2019 and time to start thinking about getting those portraits scheduled.

I thought I would put together some of the tips and answer the most common questions parents have for me when starting to think about their son or daughter’s senior portraits.



NOW is the time to get acne and facial blemishes under control. Having good skin will save a lot of money in retouching fees, especially when the acne is particularly bad.

I HIGHLY recommend Vicki Haines, DCNP owner, Atomic Dermatology. Here is what she had to say when I asked her for some advice for my clients. “To treat acne, start early to avoid scarring. For severe acne it will take 5-6 months to get completely clear & less severe acne will take 2-3 months. All acne can be treated. Everyone deserves a perfect complexion & everyone can achieve this perfection.”

On a personal note, Vicki gave my own daughter her self-confidence back by clearing up her acne. A lot of teens are so self-conscious about their facial blemishes that they just can’t relax in front of my lens. I highly encourage you to give Vicki a call if you’ve noticed this with your own teen.

Speaking of all things skin, many girls will choose to have their makeup professionally done the day of their shoot. I have a resource for you here, too. My friend, Leigh Justine Wick, LE, MUA at Vanity by Leigh Makeup Artistry and Skin Therapy ) is uber talented. She and I have worked together on a number of commercial shoots. She can easily go “all out” or make your teen look natural and photo-ready…which can also save a lot of retouching fees or if you have minor blemishes that have you stressed out.

Leigh says, “My philosophy is just embracing the uniqueness that makes all of us beautiful in different ways, so I will set a goal with my clients to specifically target what they want to do with their image. I’m all about accentuation and not complete transformation.”

Got boys with unmanageable eyebrows? Consider getting those puppies under control before their scheduled session.

Leigh is generously offering anyone that books a session with me for their senior portraits a special brow waxing rate of $15. “Brows are the most important focal point on a male senior pic besides good skin”, she says. She recommends coming in about a week before your session. Please call her at 509-366-0488 to schedule.

At the very minimum for girls: powder (in a color that matches your skin tone to reduce shine, especially when it’s hot out), lip gloss, and mascara.

For guys: chapstick is great. And I still might break out the powder for shine; mine doesn’t have any color so don’t panic!



Please make sure nails are either clean, without polish at all, or have fresh polish. Boys should have clean hands. You would not believe how distracting nasty nails can be. Don’t forget about the toes! If you plan on wearing sandals of any kind, make sure you don’t forget to prep your toes…and not to get too personal, but pluck that toe hair!



Lyndsay Rogers (former owner of The Mint Salon, and master of my own unruly mane), has some good advice, “Here’s a few tips to be looking your best for senior pics. For guys, get your haircut the week leading up to your photos, you want a clean look but this allows for tan and fade lines to soften up a bit. For girls, if you color your hair, get your hair done 1-2 weeks before your photos, you want it looking fresh but color and hair always looks the best a few weeks after you’ve had it done. Plus, this leaves room for errors to be corrected if necessary. The day of your photos it’s a great idea to visit your favorite stylist to have them style your hair for you. (Guys do this too!) The cost is minimal and these are the photos that are going to be hung on the wall for years to come, everyone feels better and more confident after a visit to the salon, the smile in the photos will show that.”

Give her a call to schedule! 509.531.5922

Please don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely not saying you need to go have professional hair and makeup done to have a successful senior shoot. Not at all. I’m just offering some suggestions if you ARE interested in these services.



I am more than happy to help plan your session. After we discuss what kinds of activities your teen enjoys and/or the kind of location they would like (urban, farm, park, etc). I generally try to find about three locations in close proximity that will give us the greatest variety of images without taking up a ton of travel time. If there is a location that is meaningful to you, let’s discuss this.

I’ve done sessions on boats, around planes and trains (but not on tracks, it’s actually illegal and considered trespassing. There can be up to a $10,000 each for me and my client. It’s just not worth it. I actually almost got hit by a train once while on a senior session standing in what I thought were dead tracks. True story. Even if the tracks are “dead” it’s discouraged because of copy-catting. However, graffiti in the background can be totally cool. I’ve shot in junkyards, barns, near the river, wineries, orchards, government buildings and even had one of my coolest sessions last year…near the storage containers in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Let’s get creative.

I also have a studio. If interested, we can incorporate a few studio shots either at the beginning or end of your session.

Don’t really know what might look cool? Or even what you like? Take a look through the photos on my facebook business page for inspiration.

We can definitely work together to find something unique.

If you prefer like to travel outside of the area; Let’s do it! Travel fees will apply.



PLEASE make sure your teen comes with at least three shirts. Let me say that again. Three shirts minimum. Even if your teen doesn’t want to change their bottom half. No matter HOW I pose them, all their photos will look pretty much the same without a change of clothing. One outfit for mom – one outfit they love and one more that represents who they are now. Something that make them, them. Maybe this will incorporate hobbies, sports, or interests. We can shoot some with props; but these won’t be accepted by most yearbooks.

I’m not recommending you go buy a whole new wardrobe. BORROW those boots that your friend has that you love. Borrow bracelets and other jewelry that will make your shoot fun and unique. Borrow clothes, jackets, and other accessories.

Heels. Personally, I am not a heel girl. It’s flats all the way. You are more likely to find me in converse or Birks than anything else. HOWEVER, for girls, there is nothing that looks better than heels in your photos. There are so many cute posing options that heels make possible. You can even just slip them on once we get to where we are going. Trust me on this. They look awesome.

I’m happy to take a peek at clothing you are thinking of wearing before your session, too, and offer suggestions.

I love accessories – with a jacket, for instance, you have two looks with very little changing.

Necklaces, hats, bracelets and scarves give your hands something to do in a photo.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest for clothing. Check out my board here of some of my favorite poses for seniors. There are so many good clothing suggestions.

Keep in mind that you may get dirty on our shoot. I’ll sometimes have you lay on the ground, sit on something not exactly clean. And we may be tromping around areas that aren’t paved. Bring some good transitional shoes, if you think you need them, to get from point A to point B.

Another thing to keep in mind while planning  your session – it may be well over 100 degrees during your session or it could be quite cold depending on the time of year you schedule your session. If there is something you just HAVE to wear, you might consider scheduling your session during the season that will make you the most comfortable while wearing the clothes you’d like.




This is the number one questions I get.

I am in the business of providing heirloom-quality, custom art pieces; not unedited digital files that will spend their life in a drawer. However, I understand why people want the digital files; I may not be around forever and it’s like having your negatives. However, everything that leaves my studio will be edited, guaranteed for print quality and color, and will be ready to enjoy for generations.

I do gift the corresponding edited digital file printable up to 8×10 for most products and prints; and it comes with a print release. I also include a watermarked version that you may use online. You may purchase just the digital files, again, printable up to 8×10. I consider anything larger to be an art piece and should be handled as such.


Session fees cover your pre-session consultation, the time and talent necessary to capture your images and make them ready for you to view at your in-studio ordering session. I can help you decide which images to print and will help you create art pieces for your homes or as gifts for friends and family. Prints, products, albums and digital files are not included in your session fee. Session fees are due at the time of scheduling. ONE EDITED FILE FOR THE YEARBOOK IS ALSO INCLUDED IN YOUR SESSION FEE at no extra charge to you.


Senior portraits are generally taken the summer AFTER a student’s junior year of high school. You can have them taken whenever you want. But most high-school yearbook photos are due toward the end of October. So June-October is generally “senior season”.




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