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I’ve heard so many people tell me that they weren’t happy with their wedding photos. Maybe they couldn’t afford the photographer they really wanted at the time. Maybe they did and just weren’t happy with what was captured during the crazy bustle of the wedding day. Maybe it was a simple, backyard wedding where the only backdrop was the neighbor’s arborvitae hedge.

Here’s a fun idea! Let’s do a post wedding shoot! What a fun way to celebrate a first anniversary! Third! Fifth!

I loved everything about this shoot. There was no pressure of getting good photos together under a time crunch or shooting during the worst part of the day (from experience it seems that schedules dictate getting portraits on your wedding day are usually during the worst time of the day – when the sun is at it’s highest).

And we had location options! More than one, in fact. On your wedding day you are usually limited to one; and sometimes a great venue doesn’t always make for great portraits. No pressure, no stress. Just beautiful images. I wish more couples would do this.

[ columbia basin hematology & oncology ] – Kennewick Commercial Photographer

Here is a sampling of some commercial work I did at CBHO in Kennewick, WA. I do love commercial work. It’s always a challenge figuring out how to put the subjects at ease to get something natural looking, while staying out of the way of actual patients and moving lights and gear around. Sometimes I feel like I need a full-time sherpa! And trying to work quickly as doctors never seem to have an overabundance of time for pictures.Are you in need of new marketing photography for your business? Give me a call.

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